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Below is a list of our current counselors on staff. Please feel comfortable making a request if you would prefer working with a specific team member. Truly.


Korah Hoffman, LMSW, MPA

An empathetic servant, adventurous traveler, and former athlete Korah comes alive helping others grow through their challenges and overcoming their difficult circumstances. An experienced counselor Korah has worked in the mental health field since 2006 and specializes in trauma, PTSD, couples and family counseling, panic/anxiety disorders, and depression. Korah loves working with children between the ages of 3 and 18 dealing with developmental concerns, divorce and step family transitions, grief/loss, sensory disturbances, and life skills. Korah utilizes play and art therapy for a variety of ages. 

Korah believes and practices treating each client as a whole, unique, and talented person. Korah also facilitates True Colors workshops, as well as presentations on effective communication, setting healthy professional and personal boundaries, and effective parenting. Korah is also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which is a therapeutic intervention used to help process trauma and grief/loss issues. 

Academically, Korah earned her Masters of Social Work and Masters of Public Administration from Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her bachelors degree in Human Development from Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. Korah is fully licensed to offer mental health therapy in the state of Michigan. 



A passionate thinker and empathetic lover of life Kurt is enlivened by serving others, specifically helping them understand the human experience in creative and clear ways. An experienced group counselor Kurt has worked with hundreds of clients on the issues of substance abuse and domestic violence. Kurt was also the director of a local non-profit organization serving members with varied mental illnesses, he has authored the book, Young Heroes: A Learner's Guide to End Human Trafficking, Academically, Kurt earned his Masters of Social Work, Masters of Public Administration, and Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Counseling from Arizona State University in his home town of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Kurt has also taught in higher education for over three years including inside of a prison outside of Detroit and is now an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, MI. The various work of Kurt Hoffman can also be seen at



Jennifer Fuller, LLMSW

Devoted to the welfare of others Jennifer has earned her Masters of Social Work at Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, MI. Jennifer specializes in working with individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, parenting issues, low self-esteem, relationship issues and life transitions. Jennifer also enjoys helping individuals and families navigate challenges that may arise from managing ADD/ADHD diagnoses. While interning at Flourish, Jennifer discovered her passion for working with children and adolescents through individual therapy and human trafficking workshops. Jennifer is dedicated to fostering awareness about human trafficking, empowering youth, as well as, enlivening others to reach their fullest potential through mentorship in direct practice. Jennifer utilizes her leadership qualities within groups and successfully developed a recognition program designed to make others feel valued in the workplace environment. Jennifer is known for her natural ability to connect with others as they discover their potential. Her warm personality and ability to go above and beyond makes her a tremendous asset to Flourish. Jennifer’s future endeavors include therapeutic techniques aimed to change debilitating belief systems, empowering parents and families, as well as developing potential support groups not offered in the community. Jennifer has a Limited Licensure (LLMSW) through LARA Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, MI and will be operating under direct supervision of Korah Hoffman.


Darcie Burdick, LLMSW

Passionate about the development of adolescence and teenagers, Darcie obtained her Masters of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. Darcie comes alive when working with adolescent and teens. With a combined ten plus years of experience working with this population, Darcie is an expert at making others feel comfortable and safe in order to address their presenting concerns. Seeking to improve parent-child relationships and, interventions for children receiving the Medicaid autism benefits, Darcie provided mental health services both in a professional and residential setting. Additionally, Darcie has experience working with at-risk youth, and as a school social worker. Darcie brings a compassionate approach to therapy with experience in groups settings involving emotionally impaired, cognitively impaired and individuals who fall on the autism spectrum. Darcie enjoys helping others reach their fullest potential through coaching, providing mentorship to teens, at risk youth, and those with neurodevelopmental disorders. Darcie has a Limited Licensure (LLMSW) through LARA Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, MI and will be operating under direct supervision of Korah Hoffman.


Alyssa Riehle

Alyssa is passionate about working with individuals who have experienced trauma or individuals who are in need of suicide prevention services. She enjoys connecting with people of all ages. Alyssa has experience working in unique settings with diverse groups of individuals including children with autism and their families, pregnant women and new mothers, college-aged females, elderly individuals in nursing homes, retirement centers, and hospice units, and children and families involved in the foster care system.

Alyssa is devoted to listening to, understanding, and genuinely knowing the individuals she works with. She is enthusiastic in her interactions with clients and deeply values empowering others to not only have confidence in their own capabilities but also to discover, appreciate, and act on their unique talents and strengths. She believes in the power of a healthy mind, soul, and body and will encourage others to consider their time at Flourish as an opportunity to pursue growth mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Alyssa earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Spring Arbor University, and her Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Michigan. Alyssa has also earned a certificate in School Social Work. Alyssa is a passionate, talented clinician who is devoted to every individual she serves at Flourish.

Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself.
— Leo Tolstoy