Your story matters.


Flourish Center for Cultivating Human Potential, LLC exists to cultivate the highest potential of our valued clients by facilitating their growth, development, and healing through individual, group, and family counseling, educational programs and trainings, events, community partnerships, and other related services.


Flourish exists to enliven the highest potential for all people as equally dignified, uniquely diverse, and brilliantly whole human persons.

Flourish exists to be a beacon of hope, voice of reason, advocate for truth, and extension of love in the hearts and minds of our community's most neglected, mistreated, brokenhearted, disenfranchised, disappointed, and discouraged people.

Flourish exists to nurture the highest potential for joy, safety, love, unity, and enrichment within humanities most basic, most natural, most important, and most beautiful institution–the family.

Flourish exists to foster the highest potential for creativity, enlivenment, harmony, entrepreneurship, innovation, stewardship, beauty, and unity in the common.


In addition to the National Association of Social Work's Code of Ethics here are ten of our most identifiable values. Together they work to create the welcoming, judgement-free, and uplifting ethos of our office.


All human persons are equal as human persons. Seen fundamentally in our ability to think and in our desire for meaning we are the same way before we are different. And this ability to think critically, therefore, must be respected, affirmed, encouraged, inspired, and cultivated as it is where our foundational value and dignity is revealed.

Human diversity

We are all equally human and then, in that context, we come in a range of wonderfully diverse forms and expressions. Understood in this order, our diverse appearances, talents, abilities, potentials, and temperaments can be appreciated and drawn together towards our common good rather being sources of division.


Upon grasping the essential meaning of things we as people can grow to have true knowledge. As we grow in knowledge we gain discernment, insight, and the ability to create otherwise unimaginable realities. This is the cultivation of the best kind of life–a meaningful one.


You are the expert of your own life. No one can fully understand what you have seen and experienced in your life in the way you do. Pain hurts. Suffering confuses. And frustration engulfs. In tune to these realities, therefore, our position is to empathize with you in your challenges and support you in your dreams as you move to grow through your unique challenges toward a more vibrant and meaningful life. 


Humans do not need to be told what to do. We do not need a laundry list of rules and guidelines to follow. What we do need, however, is understanding, inspiration, and enlivenment to love ourselves and others as dignified, equally valuable, and uniquely equipped human persons. 


The human capacity to imagine and create is limitless. To understand this and put it towards thoughtful goals lays our greatest hope to achieve our highest good. Further, everyone is beautifully different and has diverse capacities and abilities to be creative in different ways. For these reasons we are always exploring amongst ourselves and with those we serve to derive fresh, innovative, and person-centered solutions that bring out the best in all of us.


When it comes to life's hardest experiences we cannot go back in time and avoid them. We cannot "re-do" them. As often as we may wish otherwise, they happened. Our options moving ahead, therefore, are simply to"move on" or redeem them. We choose the latter. We seek to cultivate recovery from addiction and illness, restoration of broken relationships, and the reformation of self-destructive behaviors. That is, we aim to bring so much good out of the bad that it blows your mind and everyone who is watching.


Humans only work for something if they have hope it will actually bring forth the results or rewards they desire. Much of the work we do, therefore, is simply to grow hope. Hope that good can overcome evil. Hope that cruelty and neglect can be redeemed. And hope that trauma can be overcome. There is great hope, true hope, and we want everyone we serve to be enlivened by it.


Everything we do comes out of our respect for the lives, experiences, and stories of those we serve. And no greater respect can be shown to those we serve than to protect them, keeping private what is private. With the exception of our duty to inform the law when someone poses danger to themselves or others, what is said between our counselors and those we serve stays stays there. 


No one likes fake relationships. And no one likes being taken advantage of in relationships that lack boundaries either. Our aim, therefore, is to grow professional and meaningful relationships with those we serve–intentionally and organically. In time, therefore, we also aim to build a vibrant community of people helping people be the best possible version of themselves. In truth. In love. And in authentic, judgment-free, service.

If any man seeks for greatness, let him forget greatness and ask for truth, and he will find both.
— Horace Mann