Life is brimming with hope.

Flourish is a new and innovative service provider in Jackson, Michigan. As we grow our services will expand, deepen, and multiply. At present we are excited to offer the following services.

Individual Counseling

 Working from Flourish's unique identity our team specifically specializes in treating the whole person by utilizing strength-based and person-in-environment strategies.

Flourish counselors specialize in working with children, youth, and adults addressing a variety of personal challenges, needs, and questions. Specific areas of expertise include couples and family counseling, panic/anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, developmental concerns, divorce and step family transitions, pre-marriage, marriage, and family counseling, grief/loss, sensory disturbances, sexual abuse, self-confidence, mental wellness, art therapy, play therapy and life skills.

Flourish also offers a unique form of therapy created to address trauma, and grief and loss utilizing, and certified to offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. 

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Contact us or review our calendar of events to know the current and future schedule for counseling groups. Areas of focus include substance abuse, domestic violence, pornography addiction, and Teen Development. Note: some groups are held in our offices and others are provided at different locations around the Jackson area.


True Colors™ is a foundational, interactive seminar that introduces participants to the powerful True Colors concepts. Participants will determine their True Colors personality spectrum including their most dominant color style and learn to recognize the True Colors of others. 

The Personal Success Seminar is designed to be a 3-hour workshop and can be adjusted depending on the number of participants. A True Colors workshop will change your organization by improving communication and interpersonal relationships, enhance work/life balance, and increase productivity. True Colors teaches participants to capitalize on individual strengths and value others uniquenesses. True Colors is an interactive, enlightening, fun workshop that your organization will love. 

A True Colors workshop is transformational because it is based on true principles that are easy to remember and incorporate. True Colors basic principles are transferrable to all areas of life including personal relationships and professional success. Struggling to stay motivated or help staff get motivated? Suffering from low work moral, or poor communication within your agency? Frustrated with lack of clarity within your organization? Schedule your True Colors workshop today! You will not be disappointed.  

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Young Heroes experience

The Young Heroes Experience is a community-based effort that uses creative, philosophical, social work-based approaches to enlighten, educate, and empower young people to reach their highest potential as equally valuable and uniquely talented human beings inspired to break the cycles of poverty, transcend cultures of consumerism, and abolish modern-day slavery worldwide. For more, visit here



An organically developing company, Flourish has its sights aimed high. Future services include a Flourish Fitness Center, on-site day care services, homeopathic remedies and products for sale, a book store, social lounge and library, as well as, additional therapy specializations, educational classes, peer-led programs, at-risk youth programs, and major community events.

You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is contained in one phrase: make use of suffering.
— Henri Frederic Amiel